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Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me! I've been trying to buy the same Canon SD890 camera for the past two months.

I've tried three different online sellers (Broadway Photo, Technon, TVs Depot) all of them impeccably rated by the "" website. Each time with the same results: Promised the camera was in stock then it wasn't. Very aggressive on the phone to try and get you to buy extras which I didn't need. Bait and switch tactics...

"Well the camera you ordered is actually a oversees version "Ixy", to get the SD890 you need to pay $30 more." (I can only imagine how they got their hands on oversees version. I'm sure there's an inventory somewhere missing a shipment or two). So I had time on my hands and actually was interested to see how it works and as all capitalism... THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH.

Yes these sellers are cheaper but you get exactly what you pay for: Poor service, aggressive tactics, subpar (possibly stolen) products, and a long wait.

So finally I wised up, went to AMAZON.COM and my camera is on the way. NEVER AGAIN!

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I experienced the same thing. I placed an order on HD camera then I received a message saying that I had to contact them to confirm.

So I called them and the guy was trying to sell me the battery saying the battery that comes with the camera only last 15 min which I know is a lie. When I told he that I was not interested he told me the camera I wanted was on back order and they were not going to get anymore but for $50.00 dollar more I can buy the us version. So I told to cancel my order and put my money back on my card.

What is Hd camera world and Techron digital they are no good.

The people that works there are so rude. They even hang up the phone on you if you don't purchase what they are trying to sell to you.

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